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Are you looking for the best paper shredder? Did your old paper shredder finally stop working? Want the best shredder that money can buy? In this article we are going to look at some of the features that you should look at when searching for a new paper shredder. We know that money can be tight and nobody wants to throw away money on an inferior product. Here are the list of important features when shopping for a new shredder.

Sheet Capacity

Sheet capacity may not seem like an important feature but you will definitely notice it if you have a huge stack of paper to shred. Only you can decide the amount of paper the shredder should handle at one time. If you have a busy home office then you will want a shredder with a higher capacity. It can get very frustrating if you are sitting around waiting for your shredder to finish a stack of papers so you can add more to it.

paper shredder reviews

If you are worried about the price for a higher capacity shredder you can opt for a smaller capacity shredder and make up for it by shredding more frequent. We recommend shredding daily after checking the mail. This will prevent your shredding stack of papers from growing out of control. After a couple of weeks this daily shredding will become a habit and will be like second nature.

Cutting Type

There are basically two types of shredders on the market, strip cutter and crosscut, also known as confetti. Most inexpensive shredders will use a strip cutter design.

The strip cutter cuts the paper into long vertical strips. These can be easier to put back together compared to crosscuts. Crosscut shredders, also known as confetti cutters, cut the paper into smaller pieces. The sizes of the pieces will very based on manufacturers and model. Some will shred down to 5/32" x 1 3/8" sized pieces. This makes it very difficult to put a shredded document back together.

We recommend spending the extra money to purchase a crosscut shredder. The added security features of the crosscut shredder makes it a no brain-er.

These are just some of the features to look at when shopping for the best shredder. They are all important and should be looked at and compared when reading the paper shredder reviews. With the right knowledge you will be informed and can purchase the best paper shredder for you needs.

Best paper shredders


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